Curso sobre Jane Austen – online

A Universidade de Oxford oferece um curso online sobre Jane Austen e suas obras, para não cidadãos do Reino Unido o curso custa 285 libras, que podem ser pagas em cartão de crédito internacional.
São 10 semanas de curso, incluindo:
Detalhes do curso:
Unit 1: Who was Jane Austen? Biography and biographies; Family history; Letters.
Unit 2: Jane Austen’s language and style: The narrative voice; Dialogue; Perspective; Inner and outer; How to analyse an Austen novel.
Unit 3: Sense and Sensibility: Background: Elinor and Marianne; the epistolary novel; The literature of Sensibility; Romanticism; Siblings in Austen’s work.
Unit 4: Northanger Abbey; Background: the Gothic novel and Gothic novel readers; Ann Radcliffe; Pastiche and parody.
Unit 5: Pride and Prejudice: Background: marriage and property in Austen’s time; soldiers and militia men; The ‘courtship ordeal novel’; Fashion in Austen’s time.
Unit 6: Mansfield Park: Background: The Georgian, the Augustan and the Regency; Imperialism, and Mansfield Park; Mothers and home-makers.
Unit 7: Emma: Background: dancing games and puzzles in Austen’s writing; Governesses; Irony; Parents in Austen’s novels.
Unit 8: Persuasion: Background: Bath and Lyme; the Navy in Austen’s time; Persuasion and persuasiveness; The cancelled section of Persuasion.
Unit 9: Happy ever after?: Austen’s novels: anti-romance?; Love, weddings, and marriage; Austen’s endings; Further reading on Austen.
Professora responsável:
Dr Sandie Byrne
Sandie Byrne was formerly Fellow and Tutorin English at Balliol College, Oxford, and Professor of English at Lincoln University. She is the author of a number of books and articles on nineteenth- and twentieth-century poetry and fiction
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