The Jane Austen Journal On-Line

A JASNA acaba de lançar o seu mais novo jornal. Encontra-se disponível on-line, acesse aqui.
Veja o conteúdo:
New Faces, New Understandings
– Part 1: New Faces – Isobel Grundy
– Part 2: New Understandings – Juliet McMaster
“Jane Austen” Today
– Lost In Austen and Generation-Y Janeites – Laurie Kaplan
– Austen’s Adventures in American Popular Fiction, 1996-2006 – Juliette Wells
– Austen Therapy: Pride and Prejudice and Popular Culture – Marilyn Francus
– Eyeing Mrs. Elton: Learning Through Pastiche – Diana Birchall
– Jane Austen and her Contemporaries – “Motionless Wonder”: Contemplating Gothic Sublimity in Northanger Abbey – Natasha Duquette
– What Happens at the Party: Jane Austen Converses with Charlotte Smith – Jacqueline Labbe
– Jane Austen’s Reading: The Chawton Years – Gillian Dow and Katie Halsey
Cultural Contexts
– “In the Place of a Parent”: Austen and Adoption – Eric C. Walker
– Dancing in a New Direction: Jane Austen and the Regency Waltz – Erin J. Smith
– Austen and Enclosure – Helena Kelly
– Reception and Adaptation – Why Austen cannot be a “classique” in French: New Directions in the French Reception of Austen – Valérie Cossy
– Jane Austen in Japanese Literature: An Overview – Ebine Hiroshi, Amano Miyuki, and Hisamori Kazuko
Sōseki’s Transformation of the Austenian Novel: From the Novel of Manners to the Psychological Novel – Amano Miyuki
– Elizabeth Bennet Turns Socialist: Nogami Yaeko’s Machiko – Hisamori Kazuko
– Experimenting with Jane Austen: Kurahashi Yumiko  – Ebine Hiroshi
– The Reception of Jane Austen in Japanese Literature: Beyond Adaptation – Ebine Hiroshi, Amano Miyuki, and Hisamori Kazuko
– “Read and reread until they could be read no more”: Charles Darwin and the Novels of Jane Austen -Elizabeth Bankes
Prelude and Postlude
– Unbecoming Jane: Genre and Craft in Austen’s Earliest Novels – Lesley Peterson
– Are We Ready for New Directions? Jane Austen’s The History of England & Cassandra’s Portraits – Annette Upfal and Christine Alexander
– “Three or Four Families”: Suggestions for New Directions in Biographical Research – Deirdre Le Faye
Fanny Caroline Lefroy: A Feminist Critic in the Austen Family – Alice Marie Villaseñor
© Jane Austen Society of North America, Inc. All rights reserved. Contributors retain their individual copyrights.
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